Never say never part 1

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December 26, 2015

I thought my new buddy was never going to cum as I licked and sucked his cock for such a long time. then suddenly it was like a high pressure pipe releasing as sperm shot out hitting the back of my throat

July 5, 2016

hello my names dominqua 57

Shaun ♥♡♥
May 25, 2015

Just had a dirty weekend away with my new lover, it was the first time we had been naked together and boy did it feel good especially as he is so fucking handsome with a fantastic cock that you just want to suck the cum out of, and I did on several occasions.

March 31, 2015

Never say never . I had given up hope of ever fucking a fit young guy from work when I saw him in a bar and we got talking and before I knew it I had agreed to go back to his place for more drinks, that's what he told me but once behind closed doors he told me how he had longed for the chance to be alone with me and to fuck me. Stunned and somewhat shocked I followed him to his bedroom and felt his hot body pressing against mine as we kissed and stripped and the sight of his desirable naked body was more than I could resist and bending him over the bed began to ride him until my cum was released. Scott wasted no time in sucking my sticky cock followed by him pounding me and shooting a big load where it mattered. The next few hours were a blur as we sucked and fucked until we fell asleep exhausted but very happy.

March 31, 2016

Being chatted up by a gorgeous boy is always lovely but I explained to Liam I am in a loving relationship but full marks for being persistent. That night in bed I told Kim & he suggested a threesome. Next day I explained to Liam & he was more than enthusiastic especially as Kim is a model. Our liaison in a hotel soon had us in the bedroom with Kim watching the two of us strip & start to love each other in a 69 & cum. Kim joined in sucking both our cocks and we enjoyed his spunking cock as well