Occupy Ball Street Part 1

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June 24, 2015

Mike, After that hike we head back to my place and take a nice warm shower together where I get the chance to see you completely naked again with your cute little cock ready for some action I gently squeeze your balls as I move my other hand up and down your shaft. Lets pee on each other you say and straight away I let go a torrent of warm piss and enjoy the feeling as you do the same. After a while we shower and dry off still kissing we make our way to my bed and once I have you lying down I kiss you every where and for the rest of the night we make love. You may not have the biggest cock in the world but I sure love to suck you off and swallow your creamy spunk. Thinking about the fun we would have together has got me really hard and pre cum is starting to leak from my cock slit, wish you were here to lick it up. LoveU

August 17, 2015

Shaun, a tempting plot, indeed. Would be the first of many great loving nights. Looking for tasting your precum!

January 4, 2015

Mike, I think we both love the same sort of sexual pleasures and if we could go to bed together I am sure that we would both be completely satisfied. My hard rampant cock fucking you and then having your lips around my cock sucking the cum out. I don't mind if you don't get rock hard and love to be a sissy in bed I would still suck you until you shot your hot load, we could sleep drained and sticky the way we like it. xx

July 11, 2015

Loved the blonde guy's hair rick nuts and moaning. The top guy had a lovely dick and nice cum shot too. Wish it was me !!

Shaun ♥♡♥
August 28, 2015

Mike, I wish you were in my bed right now as my cock is aching for your warm mouth to engulf it and suck hard and deep as I ejaculate