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ram it in

Ad by Traffic Junky
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February 9, 2011

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    • icock December 14, 2014

      Love to ram these boys and cum all over their pretty faces

    • Ivan June 7, 2013

      wish i had these three fit guys with me now

    • youngcocklover December 15, 2012

      Black cock... I know how much white girls love black cock but what I would love to know is if i had two guys in bed with similar sized cocks and one guy was black and I had to choose, why should I PICK THE BLACK ONE? pity we live so far away from each other but please try and help me understand why black is best!

    • Black Cock December 14, 2012

      youngcocklover, of course we are. Every we have sex with a white girl she always gets real excited about our big cocks. So when do you want to have one on one sex with me, I live in California and unfortunately I can't travel.

    • youngcocklover December 13, 2012

      Black Cock. Yea one on one would be a great start, the contrast between a white and a black boner must be lovely and to see cum shooting out of a black cock would be awesome especially if I was sucking you at the time. Still curious to know if you guys are better fucks than white guys?

    • Black Cock December 17, 2012

      Youngcocklover, because it's a better feeling and a black guys cock will always leave your tight asshole gaping. I really hope we can have sex very soon.

    • youngcocklover December 22, 2012

      Black Cock ...Christmas do and I did get that gorgeous black guy back to my appartment later. I just can't believe how big his cock was and when I sucked him my jaw ached for ages afterwards but it was worth it. We didn't have anal but did suck each other off and boy did that guy cum and im now looking forward to more black experiences in the new year :)

    • Black Cock December 19, 2012

      Yep, definitely longer and thicker. That's why I enjoy watching porn with black cocks and good luck, I hope it blows your mind. ;)

    • youngcocklover December 18, 2012

      Black Cock... so what you are saying is black cocks are thicker and maybe longer too? Hopeing to get together with a black guy I quite fancy at our company's christmas do. I will be able to find out if you are right with any luck. I'll let you know what happens in a couple of days. Wish me luck.

    • Black Cock December 9, 2012

      youngcocklover: I've never been in an orgy, but I heard they are the best sexual experience you could ever have.

    • youngcocklover December 3, 2012

      I know how lonely it can be jacking off on your own but when my mates come to stay the night its such a blast. so much cum from big and hard cocks cumming all over us

    • Shaun November 19, 2012

      Hi Jojo and Nate... Nothing better than a threesome except a fousome as long as guys dont stay in couples but share each other, big hard cocks to suck and fuck with and all that fresh spunky cum to taste is a pleasure thats undescribeable. I need some horny guys to join me now, before I jack off alone ♥ ♥

    • Jojo November 16, 2012

      Jim and Nono, i really want to join you guys in a threesome. This makes my cock so hard right now...

    • Black Cock December 5, 2012

      I would love to join all of you guys in a six way orgy. Everyone sucking each others cocks then riding them and cumming everywhere.

    • youngcocklover December 6, 2012

      Black Cock: ive never had a black cock and would love to be in an orgy with at least one, are they as magnificent as we are led to believe?

    • Black Cock December 24, 2012

      youngcocklover ...I told you black cocks were better, I just wish I were there to fuck you afterwards.

    • scared December 6, 2012

      seems like fun

    • Black Cock December 11, 2012

      Hey youngcocklover, want to have one on one sex with me?

    • youngcocklover December 24, 2012

      Black Cock... Wish you were here too but im out to a party tonight and hope I can cop off with a hunky black boy again. I cant stop thinking about that hugh black cock I sucked off a few evenings ago and all his lovely cum, I WANT TO SUCK A BLACK COCK AND BALLS again as soon as possible, wish me luck.

    • youngcocklover January 21, 2013

      Black Cock, you bet I would, I love big black cocks and I am well endowed too guaranteeing a superb fuck any way you want it Dont be shy tell me what you like when your on a bed with a guy.

    • Black Cock January 21, 2013

      Youngcocklover: I've never had sex with a white guy before, will you be my first white?

    • Shaun January 19, 2013

      love black cocks as much as youngcocklover ♥♡♥

    • Black Cock January 22, 2013

      Well Shaun, want to join and enjoy my hard black cock?

    • Shaun January 23, 2013

      Sure thing Black Cock love to have some black meat ♥ ♥

    • Black Cock January 24, 2013

      Youngcocklover, I want it every way possible and I'll definitely make sure that I pleasure you real good with my cock.

    • youngcocklover January 24, 2013

      You bet, Black Cock. Tell me what to do!

    • youngcocklover January 16, 2013

      Black Cock, yes it was amazing to have three black guys with hugh hard cocks all wanting to fuck me and I can say that I left them well satisfied too. It's not put me off white guys as long as they have good big dicks and after all if it's dark is there any real difference? probably because black guys love to screw white boys and give it 110% and the contrasting colors add to the thrill, am I right? Love to know if you have had sex with white guys. xxx

    • Black Cock January 16, 2013

      So in short, it was amazing? :)

    • youngcocklover December 27, 2012

      Thanks buddy. Yesterday evening and a big party with plenty of hot guys and lucky me I was talking to a fit black guy for ages before he left and to my suprise he returned a hour or so later and asked me if we could meet up sometime. Of course I replied but why dont you come back to my place for a night cap right now. It wasn't a drink either of us wanted and soon we were lying on my bed with this hunks hand down my pants. Wow thats big he said so with that we both stripped each other and the sight of that black cock touching my white dick was unbearable, we sucked each other off and kissed for ages before I felt that monster slidding in me and pumping hot cum inside me. I soon returned the compliment. Next time he is going to introduce me to some of his friends, I can't wait. Thanks Black Cock for your help and advice.

    • Black Cock December 27, 2012

      Good luck youngcocklover and I hope that one day we can meet and fuck.

    • Black Cock December 28, 2012

      No problem youngcocklover. Do you think next time you or someone can record all of you fucking?

    • youngcocklover January 8, 2013

      Black Cock: Sorry I didn't have a camera at the ready when I went to meet my new friends mates at a hotel in town. Two more handsome black guys and after a couple of drinks we all went upstairs to one of their rooms. Once in the bedroom all three of them stripped and started to rub their cocks and told me to join them as they told me how much they enjoyed fucking with white boys. Wow those cocks were big and very wet as each one was offered up for me to suck. I was lost in a in a wirldwind of big hard cocks either in my ass or mouth and guys sucking my balls and harder than ever cock, soon it was just a blur as cum was shooting everywhere from these lovely guys and then they took their prize, my load of white boy cum as I came on those black faces, I didn't think that sex could get any better but I was wrong!

    • youngcocklover January 15, 2013

      I didn't think that sex could get any better but I was wrong!

    • Black Cock January 14, 2013

      Nice, how'd it feel to get fucked by a black cock?

    • Nate November 16, 2012

      I'd love to know someone who can fuck me like that. Or maybe a threesome such as here. It must be awesome to be in the middle of that. Fucking and getting fucked with some cute boys, all in the ass. Anyone looking for a horny threesome or orgy?

    • nono November 16, 2012

      Jim, these two and us two all together would be a fantastic orgy

    • Black Cock October 10, 2012

      Sure, I'd love to

    • Jim October 3, 2012

      stil what to try this sometime

    • Black Cock September 30, 2012

      I know what you mean Jim, it has the same affect on me too.

    • jim October 14, 2012

      wish you would and i thinking about going turn gay because this way i can get all the time

    • Shaun October 15, 2012

      Jim, sounds as if you are frustrated. Cum and join me for a night of male on male lust with sex every which way including up ♥

    • Shaun October 22, 2012

      jim, a night in bed with me and you would be completely satisfied after licking, sucking and fucking, your balls drained and your cock flacid but no longer frustrated just happy to rest a while before I get you hard and ready to go again. Love cock, love cum ♥

    • jim October 18, 2012

      Shaun would love to join you and yes i frustrated because i can't get this and my boss did it to me and love to due it again

    • Jim September 28, 2012

      I love this move and glad to find it agin just watching this make me hard again

    • Black Cock September 8, 2012

      Anyone want to ride my hard black cock and let me cum in their ass?

    • 123 May 16, 2012

      bumu: just once turns into more as you find you love other guys cocks so much.

    • bumu May 14, 2012

      want a hotel meet with a guy for night of gay passion want to do everything just once

    • Jim June 19, 2012

      so buma were you live and would like to try it out with you

    • 123 June 23, 2012

      Jim: You and me, a hotel room, soft lighting, undressing and sucking each others big cocks. Don't know about you but I always swallow!

    • ram August 30, 2012

      good ram

    • rozen July 12, 2012

      i want

    • Jim October 25, 2012

      Dear Shaun. I would love to have you due this to me. I would love to after that night with my boss i can't wait to try this again and I would love have cum inside you

    • Shaun October 26, 2012

      Jim ... Two hard throbbin cocks together, as long as they both cum it doesn't matter how, as long as both guys empty their balls and satisfy their buddy. Don't stay frustrated, find a guy to fuck with,soon.♥

    • nono November 5, 2012

      Jim ... U sound like a perfect guy to share a bed with, your lovely smooth cock and balls would get a lot of attention from my tongue before we had the pleasure of full male on male sex with lots of cum for each other to share and enjoy

    • Jim November 4, 2012

      nono. How would i send you a move or a picture of me cum and wish you could suck my dick and like my ass and get me up on all 4 and shove you cock deep in my ass. I would let you cum inside of me

    • Jim November 3, 2012

      nono. I what you to suck me and then turn me over and put me up on all four and fuck me from behind like this. I so hard thinking about you and i what cum so bad. I wish i could show you my dick and how hard i getthing of you sucking me

    • Jim November 8, 2012

      nono. I would love to share a bed with you and just thinking about it make me so hard. I wish we could get togther soon. I hope you don't me cumming without you but I need to let cum. I so horney right now. I thinking of you sucking me dick and then put me up on all 4 and doing me like i what. SO keep in touch

    • Jim November 12, 2012

      I wish I could join you two and nono i what you fuck me

    • youngcocklover January 24, 2013

      Black Cock, I'm naked on my bed, legs wide apart, cock hard and ready for you, will you suck me?

    • shame November 15, 2012

      its willies,wheres the cocks? shows the inexperience! shame

    • nono November 2, 2012

      JIM.. Wish I could not only see your hard cock but suck it too and taste your love juices

    • JIM November 1, 2012


    • Shaun October 30, 2012

      Jim.. Always love to see a new guys cock and that always ends with a good sucking off ♥

    • Jim October 27, 2012

      Dear Shaun trust me i been looking and i hope to fine some soon because i been waiting for a long time and i hope some day i could show you mine and see what you think

    • straight to gay October 30, 2012

      I recently had gay sex for the first time earlier this month and It was INCREDIBLE! Gay sex is so much better than sex with a woman. It feels so much better when you cum with a man than with a girl. I honestly couldn't dump my girl friend fast enough! All guy interested in gay sex, say goodbye to pussy because after you have sex with a man there is no going back. If you have a girl friend, dump her ass right now and get a boy friend.

    • nono October 31, 2012

      straight to gay... try a shemale, now that is quite something, like the best of both worlds with tits and cock and they are so sexy

    • nono November 1, 2012

      Jim... Imagine a beautiful girl with soft skin and firm young breasts, discovering that inside those panties that there is more than a wet hole but a fine hard young cock that can give you hours of pleasure. You already know what it's like to have your own cock sucked, now give that pleasure to another guy as she expertly makes you cum either orally or otherwise. Shemales are usually very sweet and very satisfying lovers.

    • Jim November 1, 2012

      would love to have a shemale and would like to know about them

    • Jim November 16, 2012

      Dear nono. Yes i would love to due this and i so hard waiting to hear how i can get hold of you but for now i keep watching this thinking of you and me togther so i pulling my dick out and jack off wishing you were hear suck me off

    • Black Cock January 25, 2013

      Youngcocklover, I'll do more than just suck you

    • Black Cock June 25, 2013

      Yep, hot naked fun

    • anon June 21, 2013

      the two with spiky hair look like brothers

    • Ivan June 12, 2013

      boys just want to have fun

    • Black Cock June 28, 2013

      @anon: You think they might be brothers?

    • Black Cock June 30, 2013

      @anon, You think they might be brothers?

    • Black Cock July 21, 2013

      @bob: Hell yeah I wish I was in this movie so I could fuck them with my big black hard dick

    • bob July 18, 2013

      nice jarge cocks1 bottem really gave up his asshole;)

    • Black Cock May 23, 2013

      @white knight, very good ;)

    • Jim\ May 23, 2013

      not sure when but need help getting down there.

    • Black Cock April 29, 2013

      Ok Jim, when will you be able to come to California so I can do that to you?

    • Jim April 27, 2013

      love watching this and black cock you cock you can due this to me

    • white knight May 10, 2013

      How good is good?

    • Jim May 11, 2013

      would love to come to cal and let you due this

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ May 18, 2013

      wish i was with these spunky guys right now

    • white knight May 14, 2013

      Good as in very good?

    • sweeti November 3, 2013


    • Jjy November 7, 2013


    • secret August 16, 2014

      i want to following you to be a gay

    • AussieMelbn June 18, 2014

      I would love this!

    • steve June 7, 2014

      Text me I want this done to me. 665 0801

    • asswet March 13, 2015

      i want cum dripped on ass then fuck me even harder

    • Hard May 13, 2015

      I still what to due this and it looks like it would be fun to due this again after that night at my boss home

    • Jim June 26, 2015

      I just love watching this again and thinking about that night. I would love to have that night again. I hope you all have a good time with your sex buddy and wish i could fine someone soon

    • mastaram May 19, 2015

      Both could inject their cum deep inside boy's ass lying below showinh his buttocks. The middle boy's experience enviable . he fucks the boy's ss below him and at the same time getting his own ass fucked by another .Pleasure at both ends . I wish hecould cream the ass he fucked and had his own ass also creamed

    • jack June 4, 2014

      made me chm so hard

    • Katlego May 26, 2014


    • Ivan December 5, 2013

      Tim, Sure feels good wherever cum finishes up

    • Tim December 2, 2013


    • Adam March 14, 2014

      I want to do this in a threesome so whos up for it

    • Shaun ♥♥♥ April 4, 2014

      With sexy boys like these I would ram it in

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