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Afternoon feeding

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November 23, 2009
Studio: Load

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    • Tigerbob2012 January 27, 2014

      Great cum-savoring and cum-eating video. I must find a regular partner like these two too satisfy my insatiable urge to savor and swallow tasty cum.

    • Uncle Fester December 24, 2011

      Great ending, just like my bf when he cums in my mouth

    • ify December 17, 2011

      young hard cock and plenty of cum. nothing better

    • Wellhung March 31, 2012

      Love to feed on big hard cocks like these guys have, all that cum from suckable handsome boys

    • Shaun August 12, 2012

      Love to suck cock like this and have a spermy face

    • jay.. August 26, 2012

      i want to suck too

    • cocksuccker November 24, 2011

      This boy is perfect

    • Paul November 20, 2011 ready for you both to fuck me my cock is so hard and my ass is ready lube up for you XXXX

    • Paul November 12, 2011

      Clint....i can feel myself about to come...fucking hell my cock is throbbing and i feel cum shooting out from my hard cock down deep in your throat,im pissing come!!! Clint you have pre-cum seeping from the tip of your cock mmmm tastes good,you want to come in me? XXXxxxXXX

    • Clint November 12, 2011

      Paul....That was fantastic, I lay down, get between my legs and suck my big full balls whilst slowly wanking my big hard cock, my gf lowers her cunt onto my shaft and starts to buck up and down as she faces you so that your tongue can flick across her clit, suddenly she cums and I cum at the same time leaving you covered in the lovely sticky mixture of our juices. The tree of us kissing each other and sharing our love XXX XXX

    • Pual November 13, 2011

      Clint.....mmm all that warm sticky juice from your g/f pussy and your spunk over my face,i can taste you both as we kiss.Clint can i fuck your g/f whie you watch? want to see you wanking over usand just when you are about to cum you take your cock and put it into my wide open mouth ready to take all your cum XXXXX XXXXX

    • Clint November 14, 2011

      Paul my gf would love to have you fuck her She lying down with you on top fucking her pussy while I kneel at the top of the bed so you can both lick and suck my balls and cock. All three of us cum together in a superb orgasmic fuck. I must warn you that we are both demanding in bed so it's not over until we have had at least two cums each.

    • Shaun August 29, 2012

      Cum on down Jay

    • Shaun October 4, 2012

      Paul...Lets do it and then kiss and swap before swallowing. Love guys who are honest about their desires. This is something that two guys can really enjoy doing together and I would drain every last drop of cum from your sexy balls. XXX

    • Shaun October 9, 2012

      paul... It's great to suck back your own but prefer another guys warm silky cum, once did this in a threesome and boy was that sexy, another guys spunky load running out of someone else was a fantastic thrill to suck. Wish I had you on my bed right now sucking your balls and tossing your cock then taking you down my throat as I make you cum. Im so randy I want to cum on your balls and cock and lick you clean, lets share some of our man cream and spend the rest of the night fucking each other. xxx xxx xxx xxx

    • Paul October 9, 2012

      Shaun....mmmm let me feel you suck all your cum from out of my ass,ets meet up and do this for real? xxx xxx xxx xxx

    • Paul October 9, 2012

      Shaun....lets meet some where so i can let you be my first guy to take me,i keep thinking about having sex with a guy for ages and the thought of it really makes me horny as fuck! when i chat to you on here i really want us to do all them things i write on here with you.there has been another paul who has written on here but thats NOT me! every thing from oct 2012 is ME! ready for you XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Shaun October 10, 2012

      Paul... Did I tell you how I love to be in control of a guys hard throbbing cock? When I have a gorgeous cock in my hand I love to spend time flicking my tongue across its tip. sucking deep, ball licking and sucking being a real tease before I make the guy cum and then it's the way I want it, whether it's in my mouth or being fucked, but either way I make the decision. When I fuck a guy again I sometimes but not always love to be in control and decide at the last minute how and where im going to fuck my lover. Afterwards it's another story and I love licking up what 's been ejaculated by both of us, now thats true love as only gay guys can appreciate. xxx xxx

    • Paul October 11, 2012

      Shaun.....i cant wait much longer for us to be together naked kissing and ready to start sucking,i have cum today thinking about it im yours all my first real fuck!.xxxx xxxx

    • Shaun October 8, 2012

      paul.. wow that would be lovely my cock deep in your mouth and suddenly cumming hard, filling you with my warm cum as I ejaculate my load. Im quite knackered now and my cock is softening but im feeling so randy I want to suck you and taste your cum as I wank and suck you, shoot babe, shoot. that was so sexy it's got me rock hard again and ready to release another load but this time I slip bareback into your lovely soft smooth hole and build up a rythem fucking so hard my spunk cums so powerfully that we both collapse well and trully fucked. XXXX XXXX

    • Paul October 6, 2012

      Shaun....i want you now to feel you deep inside of me ................XXXXX XXXXX

    • Clint November 11, 2011

      Paul...Carry on with deep cock thrusts as I lick and suck on that big cock until you can stand it no longer and shoot a massive load of cum straight down my throat. Love XXX XXX

    • Paul October 4, 2012

      Shaun....yes kiss with our mouths full of cum mixing it with our tounges before swallowing it all. im shaved all below nice soft skin and smooth balls nothing around my asshole just pure skin its all waiting for you for our first time together! XXXX

    • Shaun October 5, 2012

      Paul... Love to see guys wearing tight white briefs and nothing else, the pleasure of slowly removing them to reveal a big hard cock and lovely balls ready for sucking as pre cum dribbles from the tip is so sexy I just have to take hold of those balls as I start to suck deeper and deeper and if you should want to cum who am I to deny you that pleasure of spunking as your cock is being sucked off. My cock would now be at bursting point, tell me how you would love to bring me off. xxxx

    • Paul October 5, 2012

      Shaun.....i wud get you when your cock is soft and open my mouth and take all of your cock into my mouth and start to suck you real slow to start off with first feeling you cock getting harder and harder in my mouth......mmmmm i can taste some pre cum now very nice indeed.Fuck your getting so hard now i use one hand to wank you as i lick and suck your tip.Fuck my mouth Shaun let me take you in deep into my throat your ass is so soft,as you fuck my mouth i start to finger your ass.....cum Shaun cum in my mouth im pushing 2 fingers deeper into your ass as you fuck me harder cum now cum fill my mouth with all your warm cum...................................XXXX XXXX

    • Paul October 2, 2012

      Shaun....going to give you a 69 and suck real hard on you hard cock so you suck mine harder and harder until we both cum into each others mouths!

    • Paul November 11, 2011

      Clint.....i can lick all her juices off your face as we kiss our tounges going into each others mouths.i turn around so my now hard cock is hanging just above your mouth.i slowly lower myself ontoyou and start to fuck your mouth am i going in to deep? XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Clint October 8, 2011

      Paul.....Thats lovely but now it's my turn, I stand up and we kiss tasting my pre-cum on your lips, I lay you down on the bed and remove your trousers and briefs to reveal a rock hard cock which is irrisistable and I take you in my mouth sucking hard and enjoying every ridge and bump. Suddenly a jet of warm cum fills my mouth, I swing round and my cock is over you face and in your mouth, I cum uncontrolably. As our lust subsides we kiss again and our spunk filled mouths dribble cum. Fuck Paul that was awesome XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Paul October 7, 2011

      Clint.....i want you to come home with me and stay the night!......i will take you upstairs to my bedroom stand by my bed and stare deep into your eyes,i move closer to you and kiss you gently to start with then french kiss you using my tounge to chase yours in your starting to undo your trousers i go down on my knees so i can undo the zip.......its undone i use my hands to grip your boxer shorts at the same time i pull them both down.your cock is just a few inches away from my mouth,its not hard just semi! i can hear you breathing more now have your hands on my head fingers going through my hair.....i kiss the tip of your semi hard cock mmmm it smells so good! i pull the skin right back and open my mouth and take it all in so my nose is touching you.Clint in can now feel your cock getting hard in my mouth.....fuck its going down my throat as i try to take it all want more???? XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Paul October 10, 2011

      Clint.....look at CBL-Clay plays with a Trick Part Two thats us together....XXXX I XXXX WANT XXXX YOU XXXX

    • Clint October 11, 2011

      Paul.....Pity it was filmed in the dark with a night vision IR camera. Thats us together though and more to cum. I'm rubbing my cock now wishing we were in bed together. XXX XXX

    • Clint October 11, 2011

      Paul....I couldn't wait any longer and i've just cum a massive load all over my chest I wish you where here to help me lick it up before you let me suck on your cock which is real hard and smells so manly I want you to empty your balls and cum straight in my mouth, O I love that salty spunk and love the way you fuck with me XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Clint October 6, 2011

      Paul.....A 69 with you on top filling my mouth with your lovely big cock and spurting it's cum load as I massage thoese big balls with one hand and finger your ass with the other, as my tongue rubs along your spunky shaft.My cock exploading into your mouth ready now for a kiss and swap as I lay on top, my still hard cock fucking your ass real deep and your cock in my hand as I wank you hard for more cum. loveu xxxxx

    • Paul October 5, 2011

      Clint...what i wud luv to do now is to get into a 69 with you so we can both suck each others hard cocks and suck/bite real good until we both cum together and with our mouths full of cum is to kiss and use our tounges to mix our cum so we swallow mixed cum mmmmm......fuck me clint let me feel that hard cock going up into my ass real deep! XXXlove you XXX

    • Paul September 17, 2011 ready for you now my cock is about to explode take my cock in your mouth and swallow all my cum as i shoot it all into you now...........OMG.......suck it all out of me!!! XXX

    • Clint September 21, 2011

      Paul....I'm sat up in bed with you kneeling across me, your rock hard pre-cum wet cock at my lips, I reach forward and take you in my mouth, after a few sucks you cum like a volcano shooting wave after wave of hot spunk into my mouth makimg it difficult to swallow fast enough. Wow that was the best ever! I continue sucking every last drop out of you. Im left feeling so randy, do somethimg for me now, please. LoveXXXX

    • Paul September 30, 2011

      Clint....i am now laying with my head on your chest licking and sucking your nipples,i can feel a wetness from your now very hard cock on my chest.i slowly kiss downward now now your stomach.......i look down a see that hard cock of yours with pre-cum ooozing out of it looks so big i want to eat it! i sink my teeth into the top of it you scream with sexual pain as i bite and suck you.LOVE U want more? xxxx

    • Clint October 2, 2011

      Paul.....I always want more, I cant get enough of your gorgeous cock and you sucking mine. Carry on sucking as I ram it in and out of your mouth all hard and pre-cummy, my balls slapping against your chin, my spunk starts to shoot from my cock slit and straight into your mouth , I feel your teeth scraping my shaft and your tongue against my sensitive bell end as wave after wave of my warm sperm fills your mouth. Loveu2 xxxx

    • Paul October 12, 2011

      Clint.....after we have ate each others cum,i wud luv as to snuggle up to each other and gently touch and stroke our cocks,french kissing 'til we get hard but stopping just before we cum and start wanking again and stopping again doing this for quite a while.......then when we have been doing this for about 45mins or so is to let ourselve i have never heard you make so much noise then as you came over my cock......i also let out a loud groan as i to cum over you!!! Fuck this is heaven XXXX love you XXX making love to you XXXX

    • Clint October 12, 2011

      Paul.....Love to intermittently wank with you just stopping short of cumming. Could make ourselves suffer for a long time before we let go but it would be worth it as we aim our shots of spunk over each others cocks and balls as we continue to french kiss. Our sticky cocks need to be licked now, O what a great thrill fucking with you is. Hold me tight as we drift off to sleep dreaming of another days pleasures awaiting us. Love U love your cock XXXXXXXXX

    • Paul October 22, 2011

      Clint.....glad you said that,i like pussy aswell.i have sucked on pussy after a guy had filled it full of his cum and swallowed it all mixed with pusst juice.Hey Clint i wud love to go into a 69 with you and cum at the same time and swallow the cum still loving you XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Clint October 23, 2011

      Paul....Licking out a pussy full of another guys cum is a truly awesome experience especially when the girl cums again. Love a threesome with you and to lick your cum from a pussy and then kiss you deep throat before another deep throating ,this time the two of us in a 69. loveu XXXXX

    • Paul November 4, 2011

      Clint it would be so cool to have a girl watching us sucking each others cocks looking up now and again seeing her rubbing herself off getting off seeing us sucking XXX love you Clint XXX

    • Clint November 5, 2011

      Paul....Great fun all together , lets break and make her cum on our faces before we return to our 69

    • Clint October 21, 2011

      Paul....Love cocks, sucking a guy or guy's off is the ultimate pleasure for me, all that lovely tasty sperm. I have fucked guys but ass fucking is not my scene really, if I want to stick my cock in a hole I have to admit that I prefer a girls warm pussy. Sorry if that disappoints you but thats just the way I feel, hope your cocks still hard after all that because I really need you to cum for me. loveu XXX XXX

    • Paul October 15, 2011

      Clint.....WOW that was so good so much cum coming out from both of you lay on your back you have your legs up so i can see your ass,i start to play with it circuling around licking my fingers making it all wet for me to slide a finger into you.i get out our tube of lube and rub it around your ass and all over my now fully recovered hard postioning myself so my cock is just outside your ass moving myself closer so my cock touches you.i look at you as i push my cock slowly into you........mmmmm your ass feels so warm inside,you moan as i start to thrust in and out of you......making love to you now....fuck i cant hold back much longer it feels so so so good......................we have to meet for real one day Clint XXXX XXXX XXXX wanting you and loving you XXXX XXXX

    • Paul October 13, 2011

      Clint....i love you and your cock,now drifting off with you mmmm so good xxxx im awaking by you having my soft cock in your mouth,all of it balls aswell!! as i start to wake up my cock slowly gets hard in your mouth,you push your head into me as i get hard and harder,FUCK CLINT you have just deep throat me,fuck make me cum i want to cum deep down your throat!! i love you and your body XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Clint October 13, 2011

      Paul.....Mornings can be fun, love to get you hard in my mouth deep throating you balls and all, it was so sexy and now you are cumming for me, such a lot of sperm its dribbling from the corners of my mouth. Fuck Paul that was great, get your mouth around my semi hard cock and make me cum. loveu and your gorgeous cock and balls XXX XXX XXX XXX

    • Paul October 14, 2011 mouth is now over your semi hard cock i can feel it getting harder in my mouth,its going down my throat as you get harder.i am trying to get you deep down my kinda tickles as i take you deep down.fuck this is the hardest i've ever seen your cock go...cant take it in! but im going to try.i have my hands on your ass cheeks pulling you into me....fuck i have you all in (thought i wud choke) slowly start to fuck my throat want to have you there for as long as possiable........XXXX XXXX XXXX LOVE YOU XXXX XXXX

    • Clint October 14, 2011

      Paul....That was fantastic, the biggest load i've cum for quite a time. I'm going to play with your cock now, rubbing you, licking and sucking, out your lovely pre cum, ball licking and sucking wanking you hard but not making you cum as I love to tease you until you cry out that you are cumming now. warm spunk hits the back of my throat as I grab your ass cheeks to help me get you deeper. Wow that was a seriously hot fuck. lets recover and then ??? loveu XXXXXXXXXX

    • Shaun October 11, 2012

      Paul... I thought you where an experienced gay lover! never mind as I would love to teach you and show you how its more fun that with a girl. Only a guy can satisfy another guy in the persuit of sexual delights. When i get you alone you will no dought have a boner and as I feel you through your clothes it will only be a matter of time before we are both naked, feel my rock hard cock and take it in your mouth as I do the same to you, come on suck me and taste that pre-cum, are you ready to be fucked as I know that's what you really want? xxxxxxxx

    • Shaun October 12, 2012

      Paul... I hope you cum plenty of spunk thinking about us fucking together, I did last night!

    • Shaun January 28, 2013

      Paul...Nothing better than to be naked in bed with a fit guy who's cock is rock hard pressing against your body as you kiss and work your way down his chest to that lovely cock and take it balls deep into your mouth, sucking hard to make your lover ejaculate all his spunk. Cun on Paul this could be us, my cock needs some loving as well and as we kiss again our tongues explore each others wet sticky mouths. omfg im about to cum just thinking about you. LoveU ♥♡♥

    • Paul January 25, 2013 bed with you now my cock is so so hard and ready to have you take me deep into your mouth and cum lots and lots aand then we kiss having my cum being swallowed by both of us xxxx love you so much xxxx

    • Paul January 31, 2013

      Shaun......cum now Shaun,cum over my cock and balls i love the feeling of cum being splattered all over them.i want to see and feel you licking all your cum off me and watch you swallowing it all.i love shaving my cock and ass so its all nice and smooth for you........fuck i love you Shaun lets fuck today all day xxxx love you xxxx

    • Shaun February 4, 2013

      Paul ... Sounds like fun, I have cum all over a guys cock and balls in the past and naturaly licked him clean afterwards, even better when your lover cums as you do it, all that spunk to share. I love to have sticky spermy sex with a fit guy followed by a nice warm shower together and then another fuck any way you want it, right now I want to do it with you. xxxloveuxxx ♥♡♥

    • Paul February 5, 2013

      Shaun.....yes i will cum all over you cock and balls and like it all of making you cum as well mixing my cum with yours swallowing both our cum now entering your ass with cum all over it pushing myself as deep into you as i can get and start to make love to you,i want you now shaun am wanking thinking about us together............................................................................aaaagggghhh.....................fuck just cum for real over my hand swallowing my cum mmmmm good!!! be here with me love you XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Shaun January 21, 2013

      Paul.... missing U2 I could cum right now as my cock is so hard for you. Strip off and join me in bed for a new years treat ♥♡♥

    • Paul January 17, 2013

      Shaun......i've missed you xx am still hard and ready for us xxxx

    • Paul December 19, 2012 still hot for you,i still want that large cock deep in my ass fucking me until i feel you cum inside of me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Shaun December 22, 2012

      Paul... Thats ok then, wish I could make all your christmases cum all at once with the two of us naked on my nice big bed filling each other with our love cream and for afters some real sweet sucking and drinking each others juices xxx ♥ ♥

    • Ishmael December 29, 2012

      Hi Shaun..been reading your comments,its just a thought but how would you like a big black cock in bed tonight?

    • Shaun December 30, 2012

      Ishmael Oh boy that would be fantastic, a big black cock to wank and suck and be fucked by. I cant imagine anything better to finish off the year, let me show you how greatful I can be. ♥ ♥

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ February 5, 2013

      Paul, wish I had been there to enjoy that hot hot session and given you some warm liquid love juice, Love as ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Paul February 10, 2013

      Shaun.......fuck me.....fuck me now....please empty your ball sack deep into my ass xxxxx

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ April 28, 2013

      Paul ...You got me so horny reading your last comments, I want to suck your hard cock dry and taste your sweet love juices

    • Paul April 21, 2013

      Shaun....i want you.i want your cum in and over me,fuck im so hard and horny come over to my place and share our juices. kiss me push your tounge deep into my mouth as i do the same to you.....mmmmmm love you so much xxxx xxxx

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ July 3, 2013

      Paul... Thats me at 27:11 giving you your reward for all that lovin, hope you like the taste

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ July 18, 2013

      Paul.... I'm ready and waiting to empty my hot ball load and longing to received your gift of love cream

    • Ivan July 21, 2015

      Hi Tigerbob2012. Hope you found a partner to satisfy your lust. I found a guy who just loves to be naked with me and we keep our dicks hard sucking for hours before we cum and savour each others cum then kiss passionately and swallow

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ April 10, 2013

      Paul .... I can almost taste your warm sperm gushing into my mouth and down my throat as I am now cumming so hard for real xxxx xxxx xxxx

    • Paul April 5, 2013

      Shaun.......cum now my love i have your cock in my mouth ready to take and swallow all your hot cum....cum now cum loads cant wait much longer as im about to cum aswell for real xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ February 15, 2013

      Paul ... It would be fantastic to ejaculate all my ball load into you xxxxxxxxxx

    • Paul March 19, 2013

      Shaun.....i woke up this morning with such a hard on,the only thing missing was your mouth not being there to suck my so hard cock xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

    • Bill and Ben March 19, 2013

      A day out in the country before going home to our nice warm bed for a truly fabulous fuck with each others sticky well sucked cocks

    • Shaun ♥♡♥ March 22, 2013

      Paul .... When I awake with a hard on, which is most mornings I long to have a guys hand caressing my balls and his hot mouth working up and down my shaft, if only that was you at this very moment as i am about to cum right nowwwww

    • Shaun November 26, 2012

      Paul ...hope you haven't gone cold on me and im sure you would love some hot action with me. I have a very hard eight inch cock and big pair of balls that guys love to play with as they suck trying to take as much cock as they can, right now i need some horny fit guy to join me in bed and im sure that could be you, im up for most things so don't be a stranger ♥ ♥

    • nono November 16, 2012

      Shaun and Paul You remind me of when I was at college and fell for a boy and he responded so we would go to my room and spend hours on the bed and always finished up covered in cum. nothing better than boy sperm filling your mouth to make you squirt too, never been bettered with any girl ive fucked with.

    • wetwetwet October 18, 2012

      me & my boyfriend would love to see more water sport vids or meet up with shaun even better

    • Shaun October 18, 2012

      Paul.. we spend a nice evening together and drink plenty then naked and loved up we go to our shower room where we suck each other until we just have to pee for each other as the warm shower cascades over our bodies and love will always lead to great cum shots XXX XXX XXX

    • Paul October 21, 2012

      Shaun.....thats what i would luv us to do,us in the shower with your cock going into my mouth real deep mmmm pee over my face and over my hard cock then letting me take you into my mouth again for you to finish your pee in my mouth allowing me to swallow it all. im typing this to you in my bed naked stopping every few minutes to wank myself reading all the comments we had wrote. Shaun im about to cum for real..........................cum with me please cum now........................................xxxx xxxx xxxx i taste good!!!!! xxxx xxxx

    • nono October 23, 2012

      outdoor sex with a fit boy on a sunny arousing my dick is hard just thinking about it.

    • Shaun October 23, 2012

      Paul... Im on my bed completetly naked as I type this, my boner is real hard making it impossible not to have a quick rub when I think of you and how I wish you were here completely nude with me. We could really make for a great time together with plenty of foreplay like sucking each others cocks and balls as our smooth bodies move against each others and when your pre-cum starts to ooze from that love eye I would lovingly take your length balls deep into my hole and respond to your hard thrusts as cum fills me up then it's my turn to fuck you with some mighty powerful strokes and release all my spunk. I think we may need to shower after all that hard sex and right now I need a pee. write soon ♥ ♥ xxx xxx xxx

    • Paul October 17, 2012

      Shaun.....mmmmmm yes piss over me then,but not the first mornng wee!!! XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

    • Shaum October 16, 2012

      Paul.. I need to have your cock cumming for me so I can enjoy sex with you in the most intimate way possible satisfying you as never before. Im up for anything including water sports as long as you are happy im happy and as ever horny as hell when im with you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Clint August 29, 2011

      Paul...Love your hot load to mix with mine as we tongue suck together before swallowing.XXX

    • Shaun October 13, 2012

      Paul... Woke up feeling really horny this morning, my cock sticking out like a flag pole but all I could do was have a good long wank just wishing your mouth had been sucking the cum out of me and I could have had your throbbing cock to lick and suck on. Together we would produce lots of lovely sticky spunk to enjoy. Fucking hell Paul im about to cum for you again, it's another hugh load going to waste xxxx xxxx xxxx

    • Paul October 14, 2012

      Shaun.....fuck my cock balls and ass are just freshly shaved all smooth for you to lick,suck and fuck,i used my cum to rub all over my cock and ass thinking it was yours. am now naked in my bed ready for you....Shaun let me feel your naked body next to mine as we lay together kissing with our tounges going into our mouths, lay\ontop of me so i can squeeze your ass cheeks as we get harder and harder.we roll over so im on top i kiss your neck and start to go down your chest sucking and biting your nipples.....fuck im enjoying this! mmmm still going down you i see your now really hard cock,its near my face now i look up to you and you say take it now take me in your mouth....i kiss your tip which is covered in all your pre-cum mmmm tastes licking your cock from base to tip...fuck you have a huge cock for me to have,wanking you i have now found is quite easy on somebody elses cock,now taking you into my mouth i can hear you moan in sexual delight as you go into my mouth your hands going through my hair as i wank you harder and faster sucking now and again then all ofa sudden you let out a huge moan at the same time i can feel your cock throbbing in mt mouth gushing cum down my throat as i swallow cum for the first time........WOW your cum tastes real good (i should have done this years ago) i sucked all of it out of you. xxx love xxx you xxx

    • Shaum October 16, 2012

      Paul...Wow that was lovely, your smooth naked body pressing against mine, our cocks touching each others. I want you to straddle me as I lay on my back, that big hard cock above my face, your balls are so suckable and hairless I cant resist taking them in my mouth before I guide your gorgeous cock into my hungry mouth. With one hand on your ass and the other cuppimg your balls you start to buck and that throbbing cock suddenly lets forth a massive stream of delicious spunk straight down my throat,oh boy man cream never tasted so good. You are going to have to wank me fast and hard because I need your spermy load to satisy me right now. Relaxing and holding each other we can sleep until we feel the urges and then we will fuck each other hard. XXX XXX LOVEU

    • ify October 25, 2012

      hey guys. Shaun & Paul. can i join you for a messy time, i have plenty to give

    • Al October 28, 2012

      Love the finish to this

    • Paul November 6, 2012 so hard and horny for you now,lets make love to each other all night swallowing all our juices after we have had the most mind blowing sex ever!!...bit into my hard cock and listen to me scream out in sexual pleasure as the pain seens so erotic! xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

    • Shaun November 9, 2012

      Paul .. My cock has never been so hard as it is right now just thinking about all the fantastic things we could be doing together. I want you on my bed naked and hard while I gently suck your cock and watch as pre cum oozes from your love eye knowing that quite soon waves after wave of warm spunk will shoot out for both our pleasures. Got to get some release now so will write again soon xxx xxx ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Paul November 14, 2012 cock i now harder than its never been before knowing you will be taking it down into you mouth,didnt realise doing something like this would be such a turn on.i have had my cock sucked by females but wishing you was doing it now turns me on.

    • Shaun November 14, 2012

      Paul.... Having a girl suck you off is great but another guy is so much better and you can enjoy the thrill of sucking the other guy off as well, double pleasure as you both know how you like it yourself and the taste of anothers guys cum is far nicer than anything a girl can release xxx xxx

    • Shaun November 6, 2012

      Paul., if only. We are both on the same wavelength and would know what each other likes and we would just do it resulting in a fantastic fuck session together. ♥ ♥

    • Paul November 6, 2012

      Shaun......i want you lets go and fuck somewhere soon to feel you for real ...................xxxxxxxxxlove you xxxxxxxx

    • 123 November 2, 2012

      If it was sunny I would take bf outdoors for some manly sex

    • Paul November 2, 2012

      Shaun.....oh baby point that cock into my mouth and slowly start to pee in my mouth allowing me to swallow a small mouthful at a time.......fuck that tastes sort of real good,warm and slightly salty you shave your cock and balls like i do? all smooth round my ass aswell! i really want to enter you now wanting you enjoying me as i go in as deep as i can.......................xxxx xxxx xxxx

    • Shaun November 3, 2012

      Paul... yea clean shaved as a new born babe, all soft and smooth just as you like it. Fuck me slowly and get in there balls deep and as you speed up release all that lovely man cream, let me now lick and suck your cock and pee for me too that would be the finale to a perfect fuck but don't forget my dick needs some attention so get your mouth around my throbbing cock and suck, suck and suck and let me release my ball juice just for you. I fancy a 69 right now, pity your not here to enjoy. xxxx ♥ ♥ xxxx

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